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The term QR code is short for Quick Response Code. It was originally developed for use in the automotive industry to help track parts and vehicles, QR codes are now used in a wide variety of applications. Many of them are commercial in nature, but they are also used by companies and individuals for all sorts of different reasons.

A QR code is one of those square black and white codes you often see on print advertisements. People with smart phones that have a scanner are able to scan the QR code and learn more about the product or service being advertised. The codes seen in advertisements usually direct the smart phone devices to video content, including how-tos and web commercials.

QR Codes are similar to UPC Bar Codes. UPC Bar Codes are those symbols of vertical lines in nearly universal use on retail items like groceries, clothing, and electronics. UPC Bar Codes are also used to track packages by shippers like UPS and the United States Postal Service, and are used to improve quality and safety in the pharmaceutical and health care industries as well.

Unlike bar codes, QR Codes present their data in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Whereas the UPC symbol is a one-dimensional symbol, the QR code is two dimensional.

Another difference between the UPC code and the QR code is that the QR code can store any kind of data, including alpha numeric or Kanji characters. Bar codes are numbers only, and require a look-up database to translate what the number refers to, often an object such as a product or a package. QR codes are a way to compress and encrypt information within the code itself. Everything you need is already in the code.

While the use of QR codes in advertising and marketing campaigns is likely the most popular places to see them, QR codes are also being utilized in a number of other non-commercial areas as well, such as in museums or on government issued paperwork. Read more about Uses of QR Codes in Section 5 . To learn how to make your own QR Codes, click on the next section.

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