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More Great Examples of Visual QR Codes

In my last post, I talked a little bit about the reasons why Quick Response is here to stay. Judging from the awesome response I’ve gotten from the online QR Code generator, I think you guys agree with me! One of the things I said earlier about QR is the fact that, when you go looking for something like a free QR Code generator, you’re embracing the fact that QR is a visual artistic medium. It’s completely different from its competitors.

When people are just getting started with QR Codes, they usually compare them to boring old barcodes. Barcodes are so boring they’ve popped up as a symbol of all things mundane, and even oppressive. In fiction, bar codes are almost sinister; prisoners in sci-fi movies get barcoded. Quick Response is completely different, and it’s already building up its own vibe: QR is art, not something ordinary. Here are a few examples:

* 15 Beautiful and Creative QR Codes: Check out the color and design on these! Everything from Time to Disney to Louis Vuitton. Even the makers of Farmville are in on it. My favorite? The retro-inspired Pac-Man design by Patrick Donnelly.

* Make Your QR Codes More Beautiful: Design tips for hardcore QR artisans. Of course, if you’re here, you’re probably already a fan of the Quick Response Code Generator. But if you’re going even deeper into how to generate QR codes and hand tweak them, you can’t beat these tips to make QR something amazing.

* How to Embed a Custom Logo Design in a QR Code: More info on branding your QR with your own logo. There’s a lot of good information here about the limits of switching up your code visually, as well as some more neat examples. BBC, which already rocks the monochrome, did something cool here.

What’s the difference in Quick Response that makes it possible to generate QR code like this? The answer is error correction. Barcodes aren’t very error tolerant by today’s standards, so they can easily get wiped out if they suffer scuffing or damage. On the other hand, QR codes (like the ones created by the Online QR Code Generator) have 30% error correction built right in.

That’s a lot of redundancy for a small space, and it really helps with the “brandability” of code. Up to 25% of your code can be made up of design elements and you still have a pretty good leeway for ordinary wear and tear, depending on where the code is going to live. Probably the best single way to improve your design is to add color, which doesn’t even affect your code’s scanning prowess.

Of course, the visual and tactile prowess of the QR code goes even further: it can be a great accessory to your business card. You can even turn your card into a full-scale online resume and presentation using QR codes! So, don’t delay: hit me up at the Online QR Code Generator. We’ll talk about how QR is changing the job search world later on.

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