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QR Codes for Great Virtual (and Real World) Business Cards

So you’re here at the home of the web’s best Online QR Code Generator and you’re wondering what else you can do with it? You can find QR codes in education, the business world, and just about anywhere else these days. One of my favorite ways to use my free QR code generator is to network: sharing contact information with new friends and business partners. A QR code on your business card can go a long way!

At the Online QR Code Generator, you’ll notice you can choose VCard or MeCard. Both of these are formats for distributing standardized contact info so it instantly becomes part of whatever services your new contact uses to store that data. But you can take it one step further, the way a lot of entrepreneurs (and even job-seekers) have been doing. Print up a business card from my custom QR code generator and link it to your resume.

“What? Seriously? You Can Use QR Codes for a Job Search?”

Yeah! Businesses have already done great things with their codes: check out this gallery of 30 Creative QR Code Business Cards. Odds are, most of those cards lead to their website or a special promotion. That’s a great way for companies to do business: it’s physical, memorable, and it leads to something great online.

When you’re looking for a job, networking is key. Until lately, people have focused on trading business cards, but the cards themselves don’t really go anywhere or say much. As the economy started to slow down, people were looking for new ways to share their professional info quickly. There are business cards that fold out to a whole resume!

That’s … interesting, but it’s much easier and faster to generate a QR code that really helps you with QR codes marketing. After all, virtually every business contact you make is going to have their cell phone on them. Every cell phone can read QR codes, and more and more phones come with a QR code reader installed fresh from the manufacturer.

You’ll want to make sure whatever you link the card to is scalable and that it works well in the limited viewing space of the average cell phone. But this can be a really powerful statement, especially for guys like me who work in the tech world. What better way to show that you’re connected than with a truly multimedia, internet-enabled business card?

Other Thoughts About QR For Job Search

With the Online QR Code Generator and your average laser jet printer, you can take this pretty far. After all, QR codes don’t have to be color to work. You can create a complete online portfolio that you’ll be able to share instantly with anyone. They’ll be curious enough to take a look, because it’s fresh and interesting.

To give just one example. If you’re in tech, your QR coded business card could lead to schematics, project plans, blueprints, 3D designs … just about anything. In any industry, it would be a great way to store and share testimonials. And it’ll really encourage people to bookmark and share your link if you have a website.

I’m always amazed by what QR can do, which is why the Online QR Code Generator is also a QR VCard Generator and does all the other stuff you’d expect from a really full featured program. But even we’ve only scratched the surface of what QR is capable of. People are coming up with more inventive ways to use it every single day. What’ve you done with your QR codes lately?

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